One of the bands that I had the pleasure of seeing live in concert this year is a relatively unknown band, Big City Rock. They were opening up for Everclear and I wasn’t really expecting much from them, as with most opening acts, I really don’t really get my hopes up. They played 7 songs off their new debut CD, all of which I enjoyed. The lyrics seemed a little over the top but they spoke some truth and were pretty catchy.

When I got back from the concert, I looked up a little background on them and it turns out that they only have one album out which is self-titled. With about an average of 3 minutes a song, the album only amounts to about 35 minutes. While it is rather short, it surely doesn’t disappoint. My three favorites from the album include, “I Believe in You“, “Kind“, and “Shelter“. One of the songs on the album, “Human“, shows how simple yet powerful are their lyrics. “I am just a man / Man in a city / City in a State / State in a country / Country in a world / Part of a System / Driving through the city / Stereo is on”. Not the most mind blowing lyrics but nevertheless powerful. I definitely recommend you go out and buy this album but at the very least go and give it a listen. To end this artist/album review, I’ll leave you some food for thought with some lyrics from “Kind“.

“I don’t know why
We have to try so hard to be kind to one another
When its hard enough living and
We don’t know where to go
What can I do about it?”