First of all I would like to say that this is one of my favorite songs and not just by Better Than Ezra. The studio version is great but the live one brings that extra element to it. It starts off with a piano solo and the kicks off to one of Kevin’s classic explanations of what the song is all about. I’ve had the pleasure to see these guys in concert a couple of times and they are great live. Kevin has a great stage presence and is usually really funny with his comments between songs. If your a Better Than Ezra fan and have a chance to go see them, go.

Though they are past their prime in terms of mainstream popularity they still have a good fan base and tour fairly consistently year round. Anyway, I was listening to their live album today and I came across this song and thought I would share it with you. It’s a good one, hope you like it. “Enough Said.”

UPDATE: They removed the video I originally referring to. He tells a little bit different story at the beginning of this one. If you want to see the live performance I was talking about before, you’ll probably have to buy their Live At House Of Blues New Orleans DVD, because I can’t find it anywhere else.