Vertical Horizon's New Song "All Is Said And Done"

After five long years Vertical Horizon first released their last album, Go, Vertical Horizon finally has something new for their fans. While their website is currently under construction, the Vertical Horizon myspace page has been updated with a new song, "All Is Said And Done". While there is no blog post for this update, the song has about 4,500 plays, and according to their wikipedia article, the new song was posted yesterday, Oct. 20, 2008.

A release date for their new album, Burning The Days is expected soon and this update while stealthy, has to be good sign for Vertical Horizon fans. The new song has also been posted on lead singer, Matt Scannell's myspace page. Matt is usually pretty good about updating fans on what he is up to and the progress he has made but this little update came with no announcement and who knows how long it will remain on their page.

As for the new song, it is classic Vertical Horizon. I don't know if it has the mainstream appeal of some of their former hits or even if it will end up being a single but it seems to pick up right where "Go" left off. It has a very unique sound, and sounds a little like a combination of "Underwater", "Echo", and "Forever". Like always the lyrics are meaningful and powerful and Matt's voice hits every note.

What do you think of the new music from Vertical Horizon?