This next song was picked in part due to the fact that I heard Pearl Jam’s newest single, “Just Breathe“, which is their first single in a while where I stopped and thought, “Hey, this is pretty good.” It’s definetly different, and kinda has a country vibe to it, but very enjoyable nonetheless. It is definitely worth a listen.

That being said, on to this week’s song, “Corduroy” by Pearl Jam. One of my favorites from the group, “Corduroy” is still played on select radio stations every now and then, despite the fact it was never released as a single. The eighth song of their third studio album, Vitalogy, “Corduroy” has that classic grunge sound that will have you mumbling along to the lyrics and stomping your feet to the beat. It has a very memorable opening and fairly unique in the fact that it has no repeating chorus or verses.

Lead singer, Eddie Vedder has this to say about the song,

“It is about a relationship but not between two people. It’s more one person’s relationship with a million people. In fact, that song’s almost a little too obvious for me. That’s why instead of a lyric sheet we put in an X-ray of my teeth from last January and they are all in very bad shape, which was analogous to my head at the time”

This song as well as several others on the album seem to be dealing with their new found fame and the resulting effects that it has had on their daily lives. Disregarding the lyrical content, “Corduroy” is just one of those songs that you can kick back and enjoy; a song that you don’t need to think to much about in order to appreciate.

Usually at this point, I would explain the music video but since the song was never released as a single, there is no music video to discuss. Below is the song for you to enjoy.