I have decided that I need to start blogging more, I think I finally got the bug. I have gotten my traffic up over the last couple months and feel like some people are finally starting to read my blog so I think it would be best if I tried to post about five times a week instead of two. Hopefully even more people will start to read this if I make it interesting and informative. I will still continue with the somewhat popular Monday playlist, just try to add new sections like the one I am currently writing.

The first website I would like to bring to your attention is called iLike. It is currently in beta, and a relatively new website. I was surfing the Internet one day and came across it. I registered, downloaded and I am up and running. This website is a little similar to last.fm and pandora.com but is more centered towards the ever popular Itunes program. At iLike you can create a music profile, download an add-on to Itunes that will upload your playcount for your songs. This program will constantly update your last songs you listened to and give your recommendations for suggested music and also even free downloads from up and coming artists. With your new music profile you can show everyone your recently played songs, recently added, your top songs, and top artists.

I will share with you one more great website before I end part one of this section. This one is called Imeem. I came across this site much like I did with iLike, and they are both very good music websites. I just recently registered for the site so my profile isn’t much to look at but you can find me here and add me as a friend. According to the website they are “an online community where people and groups can upload, share, tag, and playlist the media they care about.” The great thing about this website over one like last.fm is that you on most songs you can listen to the full song. Now I don’t condone illegal downloaded music or anything of that sort and I don’t know if what they are doing is legal but nonetheless most of the songs you can more then sample. It is kinda like bands posting music on myspace but there is a larger selection. This website has a lot of promise and is a great way to listen to music before you decide to purchase it. It also has features of a community like iLike and last.fm which adds to its value. One of my favorite features is that since I believe that users can upload songs, that you can hear rare acoustic and live versions of some of your favorite songs. I highly recommend checking it out. Hope you enjoyed my reviews and can’t wait to hear what you think of them. Thanks again for listening.