It has been a while since we last left off with the countdown but today I have for you a great but perhaps forgotten rock song, “Touch, Peel and Stand” by Days Of The New. “Touch, Peel and Stand” is the band’s biggest hit to date, reaching #6 on the Modern Rock Charts and #1 on the Mainstream Rock Charts for a stay of a remarkable 16 weeks. Only 5 other songs in the chart’s history have managed to stay at #1 for a longer period of time. It was the first single released off of their first album which is self-titled. The album went on to go platinum with the help of “Shelf In The Room” and “The Down Town”, both of which were almost as successful as “Touch, Peel and Stand”.

Days Of The New were really quite a unique band for the time period. I have always felt like they came the closest at bringing a true “grunge” vibe to their songs in a time where most bands were forming the “post-grunge” genre. In my opinion, they have a sound that is a cross between Bush and Alice and Chains. They are known for a “acoustic rock” feel to their songs, and when combined with front man, “Travis Meeks”, voice, you got a sound that no doubt reminded you of the great grunge music that came before them. They went on to release two more self-titled albums but were never able to retain the success of their first album.

This music video is a little intense to say the least. It features the band performing the song like so many other music videos and features a Days Of The New staple, a shirtless Travis Meeks. I’ve seen some of their other music videos and that seems to be a theme. Although there seems to by a storyline to the video, it doesn’t have much substance. It’s a little dark and a features a kid who trashes his apartment then cuts off his hair and shaves his head. While the video isn’t much, the song is great. Check it out!

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