"Thief" by Our Lady Peace - Music Video Tribute

This is one of those songs that not many people know about but it is one of my all time favorites. The music video itself isn't anything tremendous but the song is something to be treasured. The video basically just shows the band members getting drenched by a downpour. They don't seem phased and they have some pretty cool slow motion shots of the water falling on their faces. The song itself is actually about a young girl they knew that had a brain tumor. The "Thief" inside her head refers to the tumor itself.

The video does a good job to portray the mood of the song and you can almost see the helplessness in the band member's eyes. The rain doesn't seem to bother them because they are too concerned for the young girl's life and feel that they can do nothing to help her. The song starts out with such powerful lyrics, that if you listen carefully to the words, it almost gives you the chills. "I don't want to understand this horror / There's a weight in your eyes that I can't admit...". It is such powerful song and the video does a good job of capturing the essence of the song. Without further explanation, here it is... Hope you find it as moving as I did.

The Verve Pipe - The Freshman Music Video Tribute

This tribute is long overdue. "The Freshman" by The Verve Pipe is one of those songs that you either love or you hate. The song propelled The Verve Pipe into stardom and helped their album, Villains, go platinum. This was indeed their biggest hit and for good reason. I am a fan of a lot of their songs but this one is their best and has so much history for me personally. This is one of the first songs where I could sing every line word for word. It also came out at a time when I first started to follow mainstream music and began to listen to the radio quite frequently. I can still remember watching the video in my living room and hearing it countless times on the radio.

Although this song is about ten years old, I never get tired of hearing it. The song as well as the video is filled with such a powerful presence and emotion. I always found the lyrics confusing and didn't find out what he wouldn't "be held responsible for" but according to Wikipedia and other sources, the lead singer, Brian Vander Ark spilled the beans. He wrote the song in 1991 after he and his girlfriend had an abortion and later, broke up. The song does make mention of the girl committing suicide but according to Vander Ark, he was just using poetic license. For a line by line analysis by the lead singer himself, click here. Now for the haunting video, the one that was ingrained into my mind such a long time ago.


Matchbox Twenty - Push Music Video Tribute

This song is probably up there with my top ten favorite songs. It's a song never gets old, no matter how many times you listen to it. This was Matchbox Twenty's first huge hit and launched them in to the mainstream rock scene for many years to come. Of course, as you know, Rob Thomas started his solo career but there is still hope that Matchbox Twenty will once again reunite for another album. The music video is great and brings you back to a time of classic 90s bliss. It has a lot of emotion to it, just like the song and you can't beat the scarecrow imagery. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as I did. Thanks for listening.


Live - Overcome Music Video Tribute

Today we are going to pay tribute to one of my favorite bands and one of my favorite songs. Not only is this a great song but it has a very emotional music video to go along with it. The great piano playing combined with Ed Kowalczyk's powerful voice creates an impression that will last a lifetime. The song was written before 9/11 but soon after was dedicated to this tragic date. I believe this song has an epic quality and that is why I present to you the music video for "Overcome" by Live, without further adieu.


"Save Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry Music Video Tribute

This quite possibly could be my favorite music video of all time. Eagle Eye Cherry's album, Desireless, is one of my all time favorites and he puts on quite a performance in his music video for Save Tonight. Not only is the song very good but the music video is just flat out classic. Any music video in which the lead singer plays multiple roles is a good one in my book but Mr. Cherry takes it to a whole other level. Not only does he play multiple roles but all the main characters and continues to sing the entire video without breaking stride. He is the cashier, he is the robber, he is the driver, he is the man living out on the streets, and he even plays the guitar! Just when you think, that it can't be him, its him. Really you just need to watch it to get the full effect.