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January 7, 2008

90’s Rap Hits

Ice Cube

First of it’s kind on Rizzo Music, this week I am here to introduce our ’90s rap music playlist.

Although I grew up mostly on ’90s alternative rock, I do have some rap favorites that I would like to share with you. These hits are about as good as rap singles go. My favorite from this group of songs would have to be “It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube. I can’t find a better rap song to stroll through town with the windows down. It will have you head bobbing up and down from beginning to end.

Enjoy this one and be sure to let me know if I missed any classics.

’90s Rap Hits Playlist:
1. Master P – Burbons and Lacs
2. DMX – What’s My Name?
3. The Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize
4. Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day
5. Snoop Dogg – Gin and Juice
6. Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt. II
7. Luniz – I Got 5 On It
8. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony – Foe tha Love of $
9. Dr. Dre – Nuthin’ but a “G” Thang
10. 2pac – Hail Mary

Here’s the link for the whole playlist: 90’s Rap Hits Playlist

UPDATE: 90’s Rap Hits Playlist Part II

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  1. As a hip hop (rap) enthusiast I have been with the genre since it began. I think you are pretty much on the money with your top ten list. I would disagree only with your Master P inclusion. You should have a woman on the list as we were very instrumental during the 90’s to hip hop. That Master P slot should go to the fabulous Missy Misdemeanor – Missy Elliot for “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) 1997. It reached the top twenty in the UK and New Zealand. Thanks! the blog RAWKS!

  2. Anonymous

    Eazy-E iz tha GodPhather of ol’ Skool 90z gangster rap, Yu aint got nun of hiz shyt man!

  3. Juicy- Notorious BIG?????

  4. Jay

    pretty good list. The 90’s was probably the best time for rap music.

  5. Anonymous

    You have to find a spot for Cypress Hill’s “How I Could Just Kill a Man”

  6. Anonymous

    California Love – 2pac and Dr.Dre

  7. Anonymous

    does anybody no the name to this one song i think in went something like you aint a player you a wanker or wigger or something like that i think the music video had like a doll in it or something maybe by 50 cent not sure

  8. I believe the song you are referring to is called “Wanksta” by 50 Cent.

  9. Anonymous

    Lol why are you even mentioning that song and artist – thats like blasphemy

  10. Jevanti Wintes

    Grand puba -KRS ONE- Lords of the underground. Leaders of the New School. Outcast (southernplayalisticfunkmusic)
    If you are defining Rap in the 90’s nothing was more instrumental than A Tribe Called Quest. Electric relaxation classic album that still holds up.

  11. hey good musik but alot of biggies songshould be on their like Unbelievable, Going Back To Cali, Sky is The Limit, Hypnotize, Juicy those weremajor hits

  12. Drew Pub

    great list, though being a product of the bay area scene in the early 90’s, where’s my E-40, Celly Cell, Digital Undergound, or Mac Dre. ha have to give it up for the west in the battle of coast.

  13. Brock Reed

    NWA. . . . .im with the comment on Easy-E, gotta be a spot for them on there or it’s gotta be made the top 11. .

  14. g

    need some 2 short un there

  15. Lena

    OMG! You so forgot!!!!
    Boom! Shake The Room!!!!!

  16. Jack

    Can anyone tell me the name of this song from a video. The video starts with a crime scene and the head detective sees the body and says something like we need an inside man or something like that. Also, at the end the suspect or whomever he is chasing ends up with a lot of money throwing it in the air. If anyone can tell me the name of that song i would be so great full.

  17. big daddy x

    i love this man its great you got alot of my favs on there keep up the good work

  18. Mark Trezise

    Popular Hip-Hop & Rap Songs Of The Late 80’s & Early 90”s

    Good Vibrations – Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch
    Feels So Good – Mase
    Killing Me Softly – Fugees
    Parents Just Don’t Understand – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    It Takes Two – Rob Base
    Dear Mama – 2 Pac
    Poison – Bell Biv Devoe
    Around The Way Girl – LL Cool J
    Whoomp! There It Is – Tag Team
    Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) – US3
    1,2,3,4 (Jumpin’ Now) – Coolio
    Let’s Talk About Sex – Salt & Pepa
    Baby Got Back – Sir Mix A Lot
    Come Baby Come – K7
    The Humpty Dance – Digital Underground
    O.P.P. – Naughty By Nature
    Raise The Roof – Luke
    Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
    Whatta Man – Salt & Pepa
    Funky Cold Medina – Tone Loc
    Joy And Pain – Rob Base
    Rump Shaker – Wrecks N Effect
    California Love – 2 Pac
    Now That We Found Love – Heavy D & The Boyz
    Boom! Shake The Room – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    Here Comes The Hotstepper – Ini Kamoze
    Shoop – Salt & Pepa
    Nuthin’ But A G Thang – Dr. Dre
    Jump Around – House Of Pain
    U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer
    Bust A Move – Young MC
    Fantastic Voyage – Coolio
    Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    Jump – Kris Kross
    What’s My Name – Snoop Doggy Dog
    Top Of The World – Mase
    Hip-Hop Hooray – Naughty By Nature
    Tootsie Roll – 69 Boyz
    Wild Thing – Tone Loc
    Push It – Salt & Pepa
    Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio

  19. Joaquim Chimombo

    Hey Mark Trezise, are you the best one your comment is successful man, you give me the playlist I was looking for long long time. Thanks man good work…

  20. Vanessa

    Thanks for the help yall; I was making a cd for my mom and she’ll the love the songs she’ll love the songs :P You guys were very helpful :P

  21. Vanessa

    I said love the songs twice :> mah bad haha.

  22. Darron Durant

    Great list… shook ones by mobb deep should be #1….I grew up in queens in the 90s and they were and still are my favorite queens (and overall) my favorite artist(s)…better than 50 or any other rap groups.

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