We are back on schedule with a new playlist for the second week of January. This playlist is no different then the others, great songs, some you might of heard of, some you haven’t. It’s nice to finally get back in the swing of things and hopefully I’ll have a tribute or album review up in the next couple days. This playlist features some artists previously mentioned and some I haven’t but nonetheless great songs. Enjoy and thanks for listening.

Top 10 Songs You Should Know – Week 8 – Jan. 8-14 2006
1. Girl Eyes – Eve 6
2. Lonely Nation – Switchfoot
3. Boston – Augustana
4. Shelter – Big City Rock
5. The Warmth – Incubus
6. Happiness Is – The Verve Pipe
7. Open Your Eyes – Alter Bridge
8. Polaris – Jimmy Eat World
9. Time Stands Still – All-American Rejects
10. Breathless – Better than Ezra

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